KST Awarded AFB RFID Contract in Kirtland, New Mexico

 Ka’ala Systems Technology “KST” Corp. Awarded Air Force Radio Frequency Identification – Asset Tracking and Management Solution contract in support of 150th Special Operations Wing Sep 2018 Kirtland AFB New Mexico

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 KST is providing the 150th Special Operations Wing with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based asset tracking system to increase the ability to identify, locate and track assets through facilities. Utilizing a RFID based system will help ensure timely maintenance, increase inventory accuracy, and reduce man hours for manual inventory.


 The total number of assets for initial implementation is approximately 10,000 items.


  • Be locally hosted and client/server-based
  • Provide administrators with a thick client and web-based interface.
  • Be capable of leveraging a virtual infrastructure which the 150th SOW currently has.
  • Leverage the Local Area Network (LAN) for server and application administration. Use ports and protocols deemed approved for use on DoD networks.
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  • Be able to track and manage up to 50,000 assets per campus (including outlying buildings and remote sites)
  • Be scalable to allow for future centralized tracking of assets up to 1.5 million assets
  • Have alert options that display and/or send alerts
  • Have a database that can be populated with from an export from the local asset repository (i.e. property book.)
  • Be capable of providing zone tracking, such as when tags pass a system-defined boundary or through an ingress/egress point.
  • Have multiple alert options if a tag passes through these areas
  • Provide additional asset intelligence such as asset operational status, in use/not in use etc. that supports the effective utilization of assets

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150th Special Operations Wing